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On Cafe Co - Case Study Example

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Storey (1989) in his treatise marked two ways of treating human resources within an organisation. The two ways are depicted in the form of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ model of treating human resources. In the ‘hard’ model the human resources or staffs are taken to be the…
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Case study on Cafe Co
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Extract of sample "On Cafe Co"

Download file to see previous pages The model prescribes that people must not be only seen as factors which would help a company in earning competitive advantage. Rather care must be taken in rendering their own developments by steadily incorporating their views in business decision making. This fact would improve the leadership traits within such individuals and thereby would improve loyalty to the concern (Armstrong, 2008, p.8).
In regards to the case study it is observed that the previous human resource policy in the concern focused more on developing the performances and productivity of the employees. However the reviewed human resources policy after the joining of Kim Patel started focusing more on developing communication with the people by widely engaging them into various decision making activities. Thus the human resources policy structure in Cafe Co earned a shift from hard to soft after joining of Kim Patel and thus worked in developing loyalty of the employees.
2. In several organisations nowadays it is found that the line managers are being entrusted with the responsibility of recruiting, developing and training the human resources that would be working under them. This fact has some salient advantages in that it helps the human resource management of the company in delegating the organisational tasks and thus causes effective distribution of labour. The line managers in such action are required to operate in close cooperation with the human resource professionals for helping in accomplishment of business objectives (Armstrong, 2006, p.93-96).
In this case it is also found that Kim Patel worked closely in delegating the human resource functions to the line managers. She observed that such practice would help in developing relationships with the line managers in that they would become more responsible and loyal to the company. Thus this process was carried out in a continual fashion in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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