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Ethics:Frameworks and Decisions - Essay Example

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A value is a belief or philosophy that defines what an individual considers meaningful, and which he makes efforts to subscribe to (Posner, N.d). Most…
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Ethics:Frameworks and Decisions
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Extract of sample "Ethics:Frameworks and Decisions"

Download file to see previous pages The personal values have some relations with various ethical/moral theories and principles. Such theories attempt to derive sets of practices that should be accepted in the society. They include theories like deontology, virtue theory, and Consequentialism. Some of the values are also derived from the religious teachings and principles.
As an individual, I have a number of beliefs and principles that are always applied in the daily undertakings. Among the fundamental personal values is Autonomy and freedom. It is my joy to live in a world of free will where there are no unnecessary restrictions. Autonomy ensures the ability to make quick uninfluenced decisions that often helps achieve my desires. Freedom of speech, expression, and the other fundamental human rights are my fundamental desires. Closely attached to this value is self-reliance. It is often my pleasure to be self-sufficient not only in decision-making situations but also in meeting the basic human needs. Dependence on other sources for regularly amount greatly to the violations of other values like freedom as one may often be forced to sing to the host’s tunes. The other value is Happiness. As far as this can be achieved, I often believe in the power of happiness as an important tool in managing possible psychological disorders that may be encountered. Accountability and integrity is another of my values. I enjoy dealing with individuals in the society who are honest, truthful, trustworthy, and reliable and my actions are often guided by the same principles.
I also have a proper understanding of the diversity that exists among different groups of individuals. This is appropriate in developing a differential approach to deal/interact with diverse population groups. I also value democracy and the application of the rule of law. I adore a governance system that is dominated by the opinions of the public majority rather than views of few aristocratic individuals of the royal class. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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