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SUBJECT: Maritime Technology, TITLE: Look in the Assignment criteria box for title of the piece - Essay Example

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The design of the propulsion system to be used on any ship is dependent on the requirements of the vessel (Harvey, 2007 pg 55). In determining the options that are there in the ordering process of the four…
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SUBJECT: Maritime Technology, TITLE: Look in the Assignment criteria box for title of the piece
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Extract of sample "SUBJECT: Maritime Technology, TITLE: Look in the Assignment criteria box for title of the piece"

Download file to see previous pages The choices will seek to establish an option that will be safe to the environment and reduce the controversies arising from stakeholders; also put the company in a relatively competitive commercial position.
A ship’s engine is connected to the propeller through a shaft. The combination of this system and other essential machineries make up the propulsion system of the ship. There are various factors that determine the propulsion system to be used in a ship such as the speed requirements, required power and the type of the ship amongst others. The types of propulsion systems have been changing with time since people started the shipping industry (Biran, 2003). This paper will try to bring out the various available options in the selection of a right propulsion system to be used in the four tankers. The paper will look at the available propulsion systems and modes in which they can be selected.
This has been identified as the most common used system of propulsion. The arrangement of the engine in this system is basic. In this system, the propeller is connected to the main engine using a shaft (Bright Hub 2011). This makes ships made using this system to move at slow speeds. Maneuvering ships with this system is done by regulating the speed of the main engine. This, in turn, causes the direction of rotation of the propeller to change and thus reducing the acceleration of the vessel. This system was the first propulsion design created, and thus was used in almost all ships in the earlier days. There have been improvements performed on the direct drive propulsion. These improvements have been done with the aim of increasing the speed of vessels. In modern times, the use of direct drive propulsion has been reduced to ships plying zones with speed regulation.
Geared drive propulsion system has been extensively adopted as an option to the direct drive propulsion. The engine is fitted with gears to offer support function. Gearing is done for two main ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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