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Persuasive speech - why people shouldn't eat fast food - Essay Example

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Time is a very important resource one could ever have and this is the reason why many people ended up budgeting it and embracing alternatives. For instance, eating fast food ensures…
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Persuasive speech - why people shouldnt eat fast food
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Extract of sample "Persuasive speech - why people shouldn't eat fast food"

Download file to see previous pages Not only that, these foods simply do not just promise to help save time and cost, but they simply provide good taste too. These are the common reasons why fast food are widely consumed from different walks in today’s fast-paced life. Fast foods simply provide advantages that are tantamount to resuscitating an individual from a hectic schedule, financial and economic needs and preferences on foods.
However, it is important to consider that together with these advantages, there are also corresponding disadvantages associated with eating fast food. These disadvantages are enough to stand as reasons why people should not eat fast food. These reasons are the following.
According to Hales (149) many fast foods are high in salt, fats and calorie but with very low content of beneficial nutrients. Although a person’s body also requires salt, fats and calorie, there is only minimal amount of them which is needed by the body. For instance, the National Research Council (11) stated that the sodium requirement of the human body especially for adult ranges from 0.15 to 0.30 mg because the daily requirement per kilogram body weight is 0.002 to 0.004 mg. Fats and calories on the other hand are necessary for the right body functioning but they must be in small amounts too (Hart and Grossman 66).
Let us now build the very foundation of this argument. Freedman (14) reported that there is a strong association between eating fast food and the likelihood of acquiring obesity. This is supported by the claim of Lusted (33) based on a case study in which the respondent was able to gain around 11 kg in a 30-day experiment of eating consecutively McDonald’s foods. Although this experiment would point out that obesity and fast food is a case of personal responsibility, it cannot be substantially denied that fast food can ultimately help a person gain considerable weight. After all, as stated earlier, fast foods ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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