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2000 word research paper on potential career paths - Essay Example

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For the purpose of this assignment I have selected Bremmar Consulting Information Technology Solution Provider. Bremmar Consulting is one of the leading IT service provider…
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2000 word research paper on potential career paths
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Download file to see previous pages The network of IT services provided by Bremmar Consulting is not restricted to Western Australia alone but extends across Australia as well as other countries of the world.
Bremmar Consulting offers advanced technological services which equip the customers with the right firepower to compete in the cutthroat world of business. Bremmar Consulting is committed to help its customers accomplish their business goals by providing the best IT support and IT management. The firm takes care of every minute detail leaving the customer totally focus on his business.
Bremmar Consulting is a small organization with fifteen staff members in its Perth office. The firm hires only the best engineers for its project management who are qualified Microsoft Certified Professional with a working experience of at least five years in the IT industry. The qualified team of engineers is capable of completing the project on time, within the budget allocated and to the satisfaction of the customers.
It specializes in consulting, network administration, installation and repair and technical assistance. Although a small firm, Bremmar has a list of satisfied clients. It provides custom-made IT management and IT support to its customers. Bremmar appoints a three member team which efficiently monitors the client’s entire IT environment round the clock. The three members’ team provides phone, remote and on-site IT support. Incase of an emergency, the team appointed is quick to respond as per the response time agreed in the service contract. This close surveillance enables the dedicated Bremmar staff to identify any problem even before it becomes noticeable; the spot-on problem identification ensures flawless and uninterruptible operation of the working environment of the customer. The team also provides detailed report including the causes of trouble, steps taken to resolve the issue and who requested the work.
Bremmar Consulting also provides the customers with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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