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Communication of the Saudi Arabian Culture - Research Paper Example

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It outstrips Jerusalem, the Vatican, Angkor Wat and all other religious venues (Lacey, 2009, p.12). More than millions of Muslims congregate to Medina and Mecca every year. Saudi Arabia does not…
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Communication of the Saudi Arabian Culture
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Download file to see previous pages ere allowed to enter Saudi Arabia only when they witnessed during the Depression period, a drastic fall in their revenues which they received from the pilgrims (Lacey, 2009, p.75).
The principles and values intrinsic in these morals as well as devotion to Islam lie down at the core of the enlightening among the diversified group of citizens and non citizens, tribal or non-tribal, living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The societal values which are a part of the everyday behavior of Saudis include kindness, unselfishness, and generosity; respect for elders in the hierarchical structure of the family; liberation and independence on others and command over the emotions and feelings of each others; and a readiness to maintain lives of other members of the family assuming accountability for their mistakes also (Abbasi & Hollman, 1993, p.56).
Saudis worry that respite of the world picturing them as coming from another planet, although most are outstandingly polite and convivial once you truly break free from the principles. Limitations on intermingling between not related people of the opposite sex stay rigorous. Currently, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is managing to move on against its harsh rules, initially by starting a coeducation university, allowing women to sell private clothing to other women, even harmonizing down the decapitations. King Abdullah has taken drastic measures for the positive environment of the nation. However, to the rest of the globalizing world, these changes are hardly noticeable.
Saudi Arabia is measured or seen as an extremely high context culture. In high-context cultures, significance is entrenched more in the perspective rather than the policy. Hall (1982) discussed that "most of the information is either in the physical context or internalized in the person, while very little is in the coded, explicit, transmitted part of the message" (p.18). Thus it is important for the listener must appreciate the appropriate signals so as to seize the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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