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Clinical patient relationship: Boundaries (read article and answer questions) - Assignment Example

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They ended up having sexual contact which continued for some time. The man argued later that it was consensual and he had not taken advantage of her. But it is a clear instance of type I…
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Clinical patient relationship: Boundaries (read article and answer questions)
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"Clinical patient relationship: Boundaries (read article and answer questions)"

Download file to see previous pages There was a doctor who invited a number of his former patients to his wedding. Obviously, they brought him valuable gifts. Strictly speaking, it is not desirable. However, since the degree of harm to the patient is rather low, it may be regarded as a type III boundary crossing.
I know an unemployed artist who bartered with his health care professional. He paid for the medical services with sculptures and paintings. Honestly, I do not consider this a boundary crossing. I feel it is a legitimate moral choice of the professional which provided a win-win situation for both. Technically, it may be deemed to be an illustration of type IV boundary crossing.
The ethical problem: sexual contact between physician and patient / former patient / a key third party can be detrimental to the latter’s physical / emotional / social well-being, social / business relationships between staff and patients can turn into (or may be perceived as) exploitative relationships
The alternatives: taking advantage of the vulnerability of the patient / former patient / key third party or adhering to professional ethics, interfering with social / business relationships between staff and patients or reporting them to superiors
I would completely avoid contact with a patient / former patient / key third party if there seems to be scope for the contact to be perceived as sexual by others or if there seems to be scope for the contact to turn sexual eventually. I would try to talk to a staff member if he / she seems to be in a social / business relationship with a patient. If it does not help, I will report to the superiors.
I consider professional ethics uppermost and give the last priority to my self-interests. I consider social / business / romantic relationships between physician / staff and patients as potentially dangerous to the latter’s well-being because of the imbalance of power between the two parties. It can have an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Clinical Patient Relationship: Boundaries (read Article and Answer Assignment.
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