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Analyzing a Corporate Information System - Essay Example

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It is the system that stores, maintains and analyses the information and these data are used for making critical management decisions. Information system development is…
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Analyzing a Corporate Information System
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Download file to see previous pages The processed information is called as Output. The output is then reviewed and processed by the appropriate members of the organisation to evaluate and refine the input. This is called feedback.
In todays environment, information and technology have become a critical component of successful businesses and organisations (Avison, 2003). Most of the organisations are now relying upon the information systems in their day-to-day operations, management decisions and other business activities.
Information technology can improve the quality of health care by providing the new ways for the patient to access the heath related information at any time and at any place. By this chapter, we are taking the first step in increasing our understanding about IT, and how IT affects the health care industry (Glickman, 2007).
IT or Information technology is basically the use of computers and software to manage information in an organization (Schneider). In some companies it is referred to as Management Information system (MIS). The basic job of any IT department in an organization is to set up systems to process information, ensure data security, create information storage and retrieval mechanism and ensure error free flow of information to the relevant stakeholders.
Early use of IT was as simple as computing the totals of the sales done by a merchant in a day. However, with growth of technology companies have been using IT more rigorously for better accuracy and speed of an activity. The growth of IT in organizations started first with the use of computers and later went on to the use of communication systems. With the growth of networking, organizations strived to implement these so as to achieve maximum efficiencies. IT today is a vehicle for making substantial changes in organizations, markets and the economy (Lucas, 2001).
The basic purpose of any organization is to either manufacture a product or to provide a service to its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analyzing a Corporate Information System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words - 1.
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