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Analysing data - Coursework Example

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The purpose of this paper is to analyze the data that examines the performance appraisal system of the Ministry of Water and Electricity in…
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Analysing data
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Download file to see previous pages As indicated from Table 1, the number one purpose of the performance appraisal (PA) for employees is to give feedback where 26.7% of the employees strongly agreed and 57.3% agreed. The second purpose was to develop employees’ performance at 25.3% (strongly agreed) and a staggering 61.3% of the employees agreed. The third most important purpose for the employees is to relieve uncertainty among employees where 22.7% and 56% strongly agreed and agreed, respectively.
On the other hand, the results from Table 2 revealed that managers perceive giving feedback as its primary purpose where 33.3% of the respondents strongly agreed and 66.7% agreed. This purpose was seconded by developing employees’ performance at 16.7% (strongly agreed) and 83.3% of the managers agreed. However, second rank for both was to develop employees’ performance. It should be noted that managers also ranked “to improve communication among employees” as a second most important purpose for PA, where 50% strongly agreed and 33.3% agreed. The third most important purpose for PA, as perceived by managers, is actually three: to allocate financial rewards, to determine promotion, and to motivate employees where 50%, 33.3% and 66.7% strongly agreed, respectively.
The least perceived purpose for the PA for employees and managers was to provide a structure of a plan of organizational success with only 9.3% of employees and none of the managers strongly agreed on this; 33.3% and 16.7% of employees and managers, respectively, agreed.
There is diversity in response between employees and managers when asked what they think are the problems and challenges associated with PA. Employees ranked not having feedback from managers and identified problem in the PA as number 1. According to Table 3, the most significant challenges and problems associated with PA in the point of view of employees are: “managers do not have a performance feedback during meetings ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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