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Is PTSD linked to criminal behavior - Research Paper Example

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It elaborately and analytically reviews the scientific, psychological and social issues associated with PTSD. It also touches in detail upon the possible associations between PTSD and criminal behavior and offers a concise summary of…
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Is PTSD linked to criminal behavior
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"Is PTSD linked to criminal behavior"

Download file to see previous pages In chapter 8 it discusses in detail the possibility of a correlation between psychological disorders like PTSD and criminal behavior. It also furnishes very relevant and useful statistics pertaining to mentally ill offenders in state and federal prisons. It presents the conclusions from many studies regarding the prevalence of mental illness amongst criminals. It is a very informative source which facilitates important insight regarding the research question from a practical, statistical and academic perspective.
Chapter 7 in this book is exclusively about childhood post traumatic stress disorder and criminal behavior. It delves on the ramifications of exposure to stressful and catastrophic events on children. The book summarizes various scientific studies that link childhood trauma to juvenile delinquency, drug abuse and criminal behavior. The approach of this book towards the question under consideration is very scientific and analytical. Chapter 7 also gives a detailed historical overview of the study of childhood stress and trauma and its relation to criminal behavior. Overall, it is a reliable scientific source that will make immense contribution to the research question.
It is an elaborate and detailed, peer reviewed article that offers a literature review of the prior studies focused on the association between PTSD and criminal behavior in the offenders serving sentences in state and federal prisons. This article makes an immense contribution to the selected research question in the sense that it is a compilation of the approaches and views of the previous researchers associated with the issue of PTSD and criminal behavior.
This is an immensely useful source as it examines the linkage between PTSD and violent behavior. The conclusions of this article are extremely reliable as it studies the association between violent behavior ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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.... There are three main groups of symptoms that can help diagnose the posttraumatic stress disorder correctly. Repeated traumas, emotional feedbacks and chronic physical attribute belong to them. Memory disorder or trauma nightmares belong to the repeated traumas. Sleep disturbance, attention focusing, irritability and anger belong to the chronic physical attributes. Glass and Jone (2005) state: "PTSD symptoms can follow any serious psychological trauma, such as exposure to combat, accidents, torture, disasters, criminal assault and exposure to atrocities or to the sequelae of such extraordinary events. Prisoners of war exposed to harsh treatment are particularly prone to develop PTSD. In...
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.... The torture the in the cells leaves the freed culprits traumatized. Drug abuse especially alcohol also co-occur with the mental disorder. Intake of narcotics hinders the recovery of the PTSD by medication. Alcohol abuse worsens the PSTD conditions (Krippner, 2012). Childhood neglect, kidnapping and sudden death of loved ones also put individuals at risk of getting the disorder. The police officers usually undergo traumatizing moments especially when they exchange bullets with bandits. They put their life at risk before taking hold of criminals such as murderers and terrorists. The law enforcers at a time get a physical injury when chasing a criminal. The disorder is also prevalent...
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