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BUS 401 MOD 5 SLP - Essay Example

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The company’s financial officers also play a major role in the overall financials of Zara as well. This paper aims at identifying the financial head of…
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Download file to see previous pages ández has been the head of the tax department over the past few years for the company and is now been recognized and appointed as the chief financial officer. As a part of the role of the main duties include overlooking various departments like the administration, management and planning, risks, financial management, control, and also taxes for all of the subsidiaries. As clearly has been expressed in the website, “According to Deputy Chairman Mr. Pablo Isla, “the goal of this structure is to generate the highest possible number of synergies and to ensure the integrated management of the Financial Area” (INDITEX).
Ignacio Fernández is a graduate of Economy and Business from the Coruña University, he joined the company in 2001 and he has been in the fashion industry for quite some time. He served as a manager for the financial team in other small Spanish business and with his hard work and dedication has moved on to become the chief financial officer of INDITEX. The Vice President, Pablo Isla of INDITEX has also declared that, “Ignacio Fernández is in a key post as he must oversee the management of the financial section and also generate as much synergy as possible between different services” (Fashion Magazine).
INDITEX has been known to be one of the most exciting companies and is known for the global fashion retail. The company has a strong Global Risk team which is set up which helps the company to maintain risk transparency as well as deal with the complex international insurances and programs which are crucial for the long term business relationships. The company has a strong set of risk management policies which have been defined and set down for several years and has proven to work very effectively for the company. Felix Poza, the Chief Risk Manager at INDITEX explains very clearly that every step is taken with utmost caution and the company tries to develop its back up plans before taking any step (Allianz). Clearly the company has a strong ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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