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Google - Financial Statement Analysis - Research Paper Example

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The company is a leader and innovator in both internet searches along with web advertising. Web advertising is the primary method…
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Google - Financial Statement Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages In September 2002, Google News was released with over 4000 news sources (, 2010). Google Scholar was released a month later with Google maps quickly following in February 2005. In late 2005, the Google Reader and Analytics products were released. Adding to the list of company innovations include such popular items as Google Video, Google Docs, Google Gmail, Google Investor, Google Images, and Google Picassa (, 2010).
The purchase of YouTube was a major purchase in 2006 where it gave the public access to making their own videos and sharing them with other online users (, 2010). Besides YouTube, the purchase of Doubleclick was a major purchase where Google attempted to further enhance and simplify how advertisements are bought and sold over the internet (edgaronline, 2010). The Android product is a new portable phone that the company recognizes as needed to compete in a mobile world that we live in. The company wishes to have mobile devices and applications as an important building block for the future (, 2010).
Marketing efforts have been relatively low cost for the company by use of public relations and simple customers sharing experiences to spread the word that Google offers a quick and efficient service along with useful products (edgaronline, 2010).
The company’s sales and support department attempts to highlight the advantages of products like AdSense to leading companies all over the globe. Although customers sign up online for products such as AdSense, the sales team attempts to build positive working relationships and promote key product advantages to other companies (edgaronline, 2010).
The current environment for Google is a highly competitive one which is always changing. The company faces potential threats from: (1) other search companies; (2) social networking companies; (3) new and emerging mobile products; and (4) specialized search and e-commerce sites (edgaronline, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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