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Hybrid Car - Essay Example

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Or should we say it has driven itself to us ? The Hybrid Car is the Car of the Future. It’s main attributes are reliability , relatively affordability, less consumption of gasoline compared to most other cars on the road. They can be seen everywhere; in…
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Hybrid Car
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Download file to see previous pages Another obvious advantage of a hybrid car is that it saves on gas. Using Hybrid cars, helps one save out on gas money as he doesn’t have to travel for long and can go for several miles by consuming relatively less fuel.Another Incentive of Owning a Hybrid car is that it helps reduce tax. In  January 2006, in accordance with the new Energy Policy Act, the federal government began awarding unprecedented tax credits to consumers who bought hybrid cars.
Although they are gaining popularity slowly and steadily, they are still not completely successful. This is because the hybrid cars, like the Toyota Prius have received mixed reaction. The hybrid-electric car uses a battery and electric engine to increase gas mileage, to bring down emissions and fuel consumption. On the outskirts of it, it seems like these cars are better for the environment. However, if the cost of manufacturing is considered,
The car is not a new invention. The history behind the car shows, how the entire idea of hybrid car was introduced. It was then scrapped due to efficiency constraints and Petroleum powered counterparts.
The hybrid car came into being centuries ago. The first of the Hybid Vehicles was an Electricity powered Carriage created by Robert Anderson of Scotland. However, USA had already started taking interest in the these vehicles in the 1880s when the Electric Tricycle was created. By 1897, USA introduced its first Fleet of Electrically driven taxis, and by 1900, its was enjoying it’s the prosperity and popularity of the vehicles.
The vehicles has all the attributes that diesel powered vehicles did not.  The electric vehicle was the preferred choice of many because it did not require a lot of manual effort to start, There were also no problems with a gear shifter. The Vehicles did not pollute the environment as they did not use diesel. They did not have a bad odor or the tendency to vibrate violently. And although the steam ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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