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On the author Dylan Thomas - Research Paper Example

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As Dylan Thomas’ critics have made controversial claims, to the point of being mutually exclusive, about his oeuvre; his legacy with respect to the literary canon in English has still remained elusive, if not obscure. Leaving aside his alcoholism, his intellectualism or lack…
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Research paper on the author Dylan Thomas
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Download file to see previous pages J.M. Kertzer has already noted that Thomas’ critics have made two conflicting claims: “some insist that he is "the least intellectual poet of the century" because his poetry does not appeal to or depend on reason; others hold that his work displays "rigorous intellectual organization" which provokes a subtle play of thought” (295). While the first assertion implied that the wild poet has created his poems spontaneously without resorting to logic; the second claim employed that Thomas had a rigorous intellectual control over his creations, although he was inspired by “the cult of irrationality”. Dylan Thomas, paradoxically, acknowledged both views and tried to reconcile them. On the one he asserted that his poems’ “form was consistently emotional” and “illogical naturally” (cited by Kertzer 295). On the other hand, he defined himself as a "painstaking, conscientious, involved and devious craftsman in words” (295). He advocated “passionate ideas” in order to reconcile both views. For him those “‘passionate ideas’ come to life ‘out of the red heart through the brain’ (EPW, p. 165). Both thought and feeling must be engaged in ‘the antagonistic interplay of emotions and ideas ... brain chords and nerve chords’” (295). Thus, he focused on mind-body relationship while he tried to synthesize rational thoughts with emotions as they are engaged in a battle. Furthermore, for him, a poem must be both intellectual and emotional “adventure” for the reader.
Dylan Thomas’ notion of “adventure” must be examined more closely in order to have a better understanding of his poetics. According to Thomas, adventure is movement and “all poetical impulses are towards the creation of adventure” (296). For him, a poem does not reflect life; but itself must be part of life, as he described a poem in terms of action, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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