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Ethical Question - Essay Example

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It must be seriously tackled. Plagiarism is sapping our universities of their educational possibilities. It is preventing students from learning and it is teaching them the wrong incentives. Instead…
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Ethical Question
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Download file to see previous pages I would definitely report Fred Football to the dean. The dean could ten decide what to do. Personal circumstances should not play a role in this kind of ethical situation. Deontological ethics, developed in large part by the Prussian philosopher Immanuel Kant, is often considered to be non-consequential ethics. That means that people make value judgements based not on what they can get from the pursuit of that value or the benefit of it to themselves or others, but because it is simply inherently the right thing to do. I believe in this.
The truth is that to end plagiarism students should have an incentive to put references in their work. A practice-based approach is often most effective in getting students to understand why they should cite their references and avoid co-opting others material as their own. Leading the students through step by step why plagiarism is wrong and not in their best interests and how it distorts the work of the academy is the best way to prevent it from happening in the first ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethical Question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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Ethical Question

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