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Colonies - Essay Example

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The nature of colonizers border on their innate capacity to lead; the way they choose centralization of power (one world) over equality of resources but then adhere to social order. They may want prestige, money and power, yet people still gain significantly from them, further…
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Download file to see previous pages... However, each of them had their own resources, ways, and dispositions. This is where exactly the three of them diverge. Smith believed in employing labor to acquire all the necessities of living. Bradford believes freedom of religion. Winthrop believed in only one kind of worship.
While some colonizers did venture through vast lands and perils for the purpose of flourishing wealth thereby expanding their trades and purposes, some still aimed to instill religion and education to the naiveté of people who needed them and of whom they thought needed a certain social culture. Such were some of the major goals of the three colonizers. Smith’s leadership during the starvation produced a lasting effect upon the people when he resorted to labor to increase production and diminish subsistence. Bradford wanted an intact society especially as he depicted by creating a pact with the Indians. Moreover, although Smith may have believed in God, it was not as explicit as Bradford had professed in his writing. He considered that the hardships they had encountered were only proof’s of God existence. Winthrop’s sermon was less like a combination of Bradford’s and Smith’s ideologies. He believed in equal responsibility towards one another though in essence people are not born with equal reserves. This being said, Winthrop was the colonizer who confined religion and faith to one God as his front and weapon.
Even without wealth in mind, John Smith successfully inspired the habit of responsibility among the natives with the effective use of labor while instilling that no person survives without working. He provided an integrated form of leadership which actually worked in all due fairness (Seiferth, n.d.). Aside from that, he also managed to unite conflicting lands in Virginia despite the fact that he suffered incarceration. Meanwhile Bradford’s services as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Slavery in the American Colonies
As the report declares various types of racial stereotypes existed in American before the advent of slavery. The use of racial stereotypes upgrades or degrades the value of a group in general and ignores the importance and uniqueness of the individual. Slaves were taken from the disadvantaged black minorities. Slavery is the child of racism. 
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Continuing influence of original colonies
Pilgrims founded Plymouth, one of the first settlements, in the 17th century; subsequently, the Puritans of Governor John Winthrop established a commonwealth in Massachusetts Bay. These two movements, along with other immigrations to the new world, formed the foundation for the cultural, religious, and political societies that would develop in that part of America.
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Development of the new england colonies
The puritans had the mentality and belief system that God had instructed them to reform the people and the church. They therefore condemned gambling, drunkenness, breakage of Sabbath rule, and denounced some ceremonies such celebrating charismas. According to the puritans, people were expected to live by the prescribed set of rules (Anderson 1992, 44) The puritans greatly opposed the English government when King James I encouraged certain evils in society.
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Western Civilization Vs their Colonies Civilization
Civilization refers to a situation or conditions of people living and operating together, cooperatively or jointly so that they benefits from functioning and living together cooperatively and jointly1. In consideration to this illustration, we remain to wonder whether Western European is true to their claim or do not understand civilization.
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Slavery Comes to the American Colonies From 1492-1750
African Negroes formed the bulk of the slave labor. To the Spaniards and the rest of the Christian world the African Negroes were heathens and capable of heavy labor and so their use was justified in the new world (Jernegan, W.M., 1961). The Spaniards
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Write an essay comparing and contrasting life in the colonies (pick two colonies and discuss)
The colonies had no direct representation in Government and had been treated as downtrodden. The people in these colonies led their own lifestyle. They formed a particular culture, ruling system, political ideology etc. British
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How and when the orginal 13 colonies was founded
All free men could vote. These colonies later formed the United States when the declared independence during the American Revolution. Although there were more colonies that were tried to be
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Chapter 2: How were the seeds of the coming push for self-government sown in the early colonies Support your answer with specific examples
Similarly, the English principles of self-government took root in their colonies in America, and later in the United States. Different European colonies in the new world of America built their economies according to their geographic location and natural
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Chesapeake And New England Colonies
The period in American history before the Revolution of 1776 is a truly fascinating time. So much of what went on during this time affected and constructed the American character that proved so decisive in the war with the British. The American colonists in the early history of the country was a proud, resourceful, and innovative group.
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American Revolution and Early British Colonies

The writer claims that the ideological movement for America and what is called American enlightenment rests on the writings of John Locke. Chief among them were the ideas of liberty, religious tolerance, democracy and republicanism. There were three most important Patriots whose writings shaped the way United States is currently formulated.

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