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The london olympics - Essay Example

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To meet the requirements of visitors is also the need to create a technological infrastructure that enhances the comfort of those from other countries, as well as the security…
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The london olympics
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Download file to see previous pages The task that is being presented is an analysis of the 2012 Olympic Games to be held in London. The main perspective noted will be the amount of technology that is going to be used for the infrastructure of the game, specifically through transportation and restructuring of technological networks for security. The analysis conducted will show the demands and expectations as well as the practical applications that are creating a gap with the IT businesses.
The ability to host a different set of tools and provisions for the Olympic Games of 2012 in London differs from past options for the games. The information systems that are required for the games have proceeded past years, specifically because of the amount of visitors that will be attending the games as well as the different cultures that will be a part of the games. To ensure that the correct provisions are made, there is the need to create a different set of options in technology for the games. The IT project not only has to be defined by the visitors that will be participating in the Olympics but should also be available for visitors from other countries who have come to see the games and to watch the prospective parts of the games. By doing this, there are more opportunities for London to grow with the available options for the country.
The first concept that is being put into place for the London Olympics of 2012 is based on the transportation that is going to be made available to those that are participating in the games. The railway network is the main focus of the transportation, with a specific objective of offering more from the main railway network that goes to and from the games from different hotels and from the main airport. The Olympics will be held at over 33 venues, which is double the amount that has been used in the past for Paralympics. The main infrastructure that is being added into is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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