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B2 Managing Organisational Change and Development - Essay Example

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Developing the correct project management skills provides sustainable organizational effectiveness while providing more initiatives to be available for growth among…
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B2 Managing Organisational Change and Development
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"B2 Managing Organisational Change and Development"

Download file to see previous pages This chain of hotels is one of the largest on a global level, specifically because of the infrastructure that it has created. However, projects for expansion are required to take new initiatives for the continuous expansion within the industry.
Hilton Hotels is one of the largest corporations in accommodations and has built their company as being one of the most innovative hotel chains. They currently have hotels in six continents with over 530 hotels and resorts in over 76 countries. The standards that have been set by the hotel are based on providing innovative products, amenities and services to guests while considering the trends that are currently a part of the industry. For instance, many of the hotels are focused on providing green seals for the environment as one of the latest trends in the industry. The different hotels are built as franchise opportunities with the Hilton as the overall brand name that is within the industry. The reservation system is built from a multi – level option which allows different consumers to connect to hotels first by locality then by the types of amenities that they desire to have. The overall focus of the different concepts of the hotels is based on a spirit of hospitality and service while providing rooms for both leisure and business options. The hotel has also built a reputation from philanthropic activities taking place around the world (Hilton,, 2010).
The current status of the hotel industry, specifically with competition of the Hilton, is one that is becoming redefined through the current market. The recession in the United States from the year of 2007 created lower demands for the hotel while many consumers and businesses began to focus on budget instead of style. The expansion of the Hilton into other regions of the world carries the same concept, which includes high ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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