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Unemployment Rates in California - Term Paper Example

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Not only is this affecting the cities and counties that are within the region, but are also shaping the macroeconomic features of the nation…
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Unemployment Rates in California
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Download file to see previous pages Looking into the different aspects of this and understanding how it is affecting the economy can then provide different relationships to changing the available opportunities that are within the region.
California is an important region to analyze in terms of unemployment rates because of the comparisons of those who don’t have jobs to the rest of the countries. California has the fourth largest amount of unemployment in the nation, with an average of 11.4% of the population not having a steady job. This has increased dramatically from the year 2005, with the average at 4% and now jumping to almost 12%, as seen in the graph below.
The highest in the nation is at 13.6% and the lowest unemployment rate carries 4.3%. For California, this shows that dramatic measures need to be taken to change the amount of unemployment in the state. Even though California is ranked at one of the highest percentages from 2009, they have also had one of the largest decreases in unemployment rates with 33,600 individuals who were able to find work within the region. However, it was also noted that the changes in unemployment decreases of 12.4% were specifically related to seasonal adjustments that occur each year. Not only was the increase considered above average, but the unemployment rates in general for California were at a lower average than last year. In August of 2009, there were 13,900,700 individuals in California that were unemployment. In 2010, the rate was 13,827,900, with a difference of 112,800 people that were employed in 2010 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010).
The unemployment that is occurring in California is dependent on different industries and the changes that are occurring within the economy. The unemployment and percentage increase by industry is as follows:
The industry is one of the factors that are seen with the amount of unemployment that has taken place in California. There are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Unemployment Rates in California Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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