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Do a Report for the UNEMPLOYMENT RATE of the USA in February 2013 - Admission/Application Essay Example

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A report on Unemployment Rate in the USA on February 2013 Tutor Date: Introduction Unemployment rate refers to a product of civilian labor force multiplied by a hundreds. The civilian labor force involves the aggregate total for unemployed and unemployed people (Ryan 507)…
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Do a Report for the UNEMPLOYMENT RATE of the USA in February 2013
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Extract of sample "Do a Report for the UNEMPLOYMENT RATE of the USA in February 2013"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, this report aims to provide an insight on unemployment rates in the USA as at February 2013 among different groups. Unemployment rate of the USA in February 2013 According to a study report by Labor Bureau of Statistics, the United State of America had been experiencing moderate unemployment rates as at February 2013. However, there has been a significant decline in unemployment rates from 7.9 in January 2013 to 7.7 percent in February 2013.This indicates that there was a decrease in unemployment rates by 0.2 percent as at 2013.Connectively, statistics indicates that twelve million people remained unemployed as at March 2013 making the number of people who had spent more than 27 weeks unemployed rise significantly. Additionally, the rate of unemployment dropped significantly on February after new jobs opportunity was created. Table1.1 at the end of the essay indicates the rates of unemployment between January and February 2013. Therefore, based on table 1.1 it can be scrutinized unemployment rates were changed between January 2013 and February 2013. Whereby the rate of unemployment declined from 7.9% in January 2013 to 7.7% in February 2013.In above connection, research report indicates that unemployment rates in 22 states declined significantly on February 2013 (Carroll, para1). ...
For example, an employment rate of 3.3percent was experienced in Dakota while Nevada, Mississippi, and California experienced a higher rate of 9.6 percent (Carroll, para1). However, more jobs were created in California and Texas in February 2013.For instance, 80600 jobs were created in California by February 2013 (Carroll, para6). Research indicates that unemployment among teenagers stood at 23.4 percent while that of adults was 7.3 percent (Rushe, Para6). This indicates that there was an insignificant change in unemployment among teenagers as at February 2013.On the contrary, the rates of people who were actively looking for a job and were unable to secure one remained at 12.3 percent while that of dark race was 13.8 percent (Rushe, Para6). The rates for unemployment among different groups on the year 2013 can be observed in table 1.2 at the end of the essay; Table 1.1 indicates that the rate of unemployment between January 2013 and February 2013 decreased significantly for all adults male and female as well as people with an age of 16 years and above. It can be scurried that the rate of unemployment among the adults male of 20 years and above decreased by 0.2 percent on February 2013.On the other hand, the rate of unemployment among adult female who had 20 years and above decreased by 0.3 percent while that of teenagers decreased by 1.7 percent. This indicates that unemployment rate among teenagers decreased significantly as compared to all the other groups. Additionally, there were some changes that were being experienced among the people from different ethnicity. The table above indicates that unemployment rates among the white people decreased by 0.2 percent. On the other hand, unemployment rates among the blacks’ people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Do a Report for the UNEMPLOYMENT RATE of the USA in February 2013 Admission/Application Essay.
“Do a Report for the UNEMPLOYMENT RATE of the USA in February 2013 Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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