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Mass media and child labour - Essay Example

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The mass media is a communication tool that has long been attributed to…
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Mass media and child labour
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Extract of sample "Mass media and child labour"

Download file to see previous pages The overall image that emerges from the literature on both topics was that child labour is a very real problem and that the media has the power to try and help eradicate the worst forms of it. Therefore, the objective of this dissertation was to examine to what extent the mass media as a communication tool influence society’s perception on businesses involved in child labour. This was done by using qualitative research methods in the form of six individual in-depth interviews and two focus groups made up of three children in each. The purpose of which to answer the deeper, more probing questions of; (1) If media exposure to the issue of child labour influences the public’s opinion on the companies involved; (2) What industry has the highest visibility in the media and (3) Is it important to consumers whether or not a company practices Corporate Social Responsibility.
The finding revealed that media exposure to the issue of child labour did in fact influence how they viewed the companies that were being named. Furthermore, that the industry that the respondents viewed as being more visible in the media was that of retail. Lastly, it was extremely important to them for companies to act ethically.
The implications of this dissertation is that it reveals the little power one individual has on influencing the practices of a company as despite the empathy that one feels alternative chooses are not readily available. Nonetheless, this dissertation for companies should worry them as the same way in which riots broke out after Primark’s scandal was broadcast the same could follow suit. However, this dissertation goes further to show companies that it need not be hard or expensive to implement best practice procedure to ensure that nowhere in their supply chain is a company that is associated with child labour.
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