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Old Testament/ The Odyssey/ Oedipus the King/ Platos Apology of Socrates - Coursework Example

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In the beginning of the Book of Job, Satan and God are looking over the earth, noting the good and evil among men. They notice Job and God offers him as an example of righteousness to Satan. In reply, Satan says that the only reason Job is righteous is because God protects…
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Old Testament/ The Odyssey/ Oedipus the King/ Platos Apology of Socrates
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Old Testament/ The Odyssey/ Oedipus the King/ Platos Apology of Socrates

Download file to see previous pages... All of his wealth that is had in the form of flocks and herds is also lost to him through theft. Job also suffers personally with boils and diseases of the skin and scalp. To top all of this, his friends come to visit him and spend the time passing judgment on Job. They reason that if he was righteous, these bad things wouldn’t have happened therefore, he should confess his sins and repent. These are all bad things that happened to Job.
2. The Odyssey is an epic poem because it tells of a quest or a series of events that span a long period of time and has an expansive geography. Epic poems tell of the doing of individuals that often possess larger than life personalities or abilities. Sometimes their exploits seem almost superhuman. Epic poetry and epic heroes sometimes have gods and goddesses intervening on their behalf or working against them. Odysseus is considered an epic hero because his desire to return home is the quest element of the poem. He provides the motivation for all of the action. Odysseus is not always successful and does not always overcome his challenges, yet he is a hero because in the end he succeeds in his quest.
3. Two important things help Jocasta figure out that the prophecy concerning Oedipus killing his father and sleeping with his mother has actually come true. The first bit of information that gets Jocasta wondering is the description of the three way stop that was the scene of Oedipus killing his father. The fact that a messenger escaped the attack and was able to relate information concerning something Jocasta knew about was troubling to her. The point where she figures everything out is after information is given concerning Oedipus’s true parents. They learn that they were of humble origins and where they were from. Jocasta realizes that the baby she gave up for death is actually Oedipus. This is where she leaves the stage screaming. Unfortunately, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Platos Apology
Plato’s Apology. Plato and his writings through the Platonic Dialogues constitute some of the foundational elements of the Western philosophic tradition. Over the course of Plato’s career his works span an enormous array of subjects. Plato’s Apology considers Socrates trial in front of the Greek lawmakers.
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King Lears Personal Journey and Self-realization Defines Tragedy
A tragedy is defined as a kind of literature that evokes the “emotions of pity and fear” in the minds of the readers. Tragedy relates to various struggles in the life of a common man and this is what helps the audience to connect with tragic plays. Humans are bound to make mistakes and this fact is only restated through the tragedies that the characters of the plays have to go through.
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Interestingly, the speech did not resemble our current perception of the word apology which is accepting the responsibility for a mistake committed. Instead, Socrates
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The King of Norway in Macbeth

The author states in the paper that as a reward for killing Macdonwald, Macbeth is named the Thane of Cawdor. The witches’ prophecies give the audience an understanding to what is going through Macbeth’s mind. After one prophecy is fulfilled, he finds the other to be unavoidable and it weighs on his mind.

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Forensic Pathology Case Study: The 31-Year-Old Female
The possible explanation behind this situation is that the woman might have taken a mixture of both valium as well as alcohol, these combinations are fatal and in most cases, apart from death, patients in this situation usually end up dead. The fact that both alcohol and
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Socrates And Democratic Society
In book VIII, Socrates has a negative view of the democracy. He describes that democracy comes into being after the poor have conquered their opponents. Socrates states that in a democratic government, people are not free and that the freedom brought by democracy makes a man do what he likes and can order for himself his life as he pleases.
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