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Disscuss the key purpose and rationale for why the government had policies of protection - Essay Example

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Today, Australia is a developed nation, where the indigenous people are residing with the white settlers in peace and harmony. However,…
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Disscuss the key purpose and rationale for why the government had policies of protection
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Extract of sample "Disscuss the key purpose and rationale for why the government had policies of protection"

Download file to see previous pages The history of Australia is full of violence and bloodshed. The Aboriginal people are considered to be the earliest human race of Australia and is believed to have arrived in this land from the South East Asia around fifty thousand years ago probably during the Ice Age. The Aboriginals who are “Australia’s first people are divided into two main groups- the Aboriginal people of mainland Australia and the southern island of Tasmania” (Bartlett. 2002)1. During the last half of 17th century, the European explorers including the British sailed down to reach the coast of Australia. During that period, it was known as New Holland. The primary reason for British settlement was to find a suitable place for their convicts to be punished. Then British Governor, Arthur Phillip reached Australia with “two warships, three supply ships and six ships which carried the main group, almost 800 convicts” (Virginia Tech, n.d.)2. The Europeans however decided to settle down in this land as they found it ideal for cattle and sheep rearing. The ensuing clash of cultures between the two societies (The European and the Aborigines) led to terrible violence and occasional bloodshed. The period of European invasion in Australia is often called as the dark period in the Aboriginal history. Such ruthless had been the invasion, that this period is known as the ‘Killing Time’ in the Australian Museum’s Aboriginal Gallery (Simpson. 2001)3.
Initially, the Australian Aboriginal people did not accept the European settlers and revolted against them. But the Europeans were well equipped with the latest weapons that they had brought with themselves from Europe. The Aboriginal people were unable to compete with them and thus the Europeans got an upper hand in the Land of Australia. The ownership of land was the major and the first reason for conflict between these two communities. The Aboriginals did not use the land ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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