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Aspects of sustainable transport mode. ( buses in scotland ) - Thesis Proposal Example

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The extreme climate conditions in many countries worldwide have led governments to search for appropriate plans of action; sustainability has been proved to offer the necessary framework for limiting the effects of human activities on the environment. In Scotland the efforts to…
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Aspects of sustainable transport mode. ( buses in scotland )
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Download file to see previous pages In this context, the study’s aims and objectives can be described as follows: a) What is the evidence that more use of the bus is more sustainable? B) What load factors are needed for bus to have less CO2 per passenger kilometre than the car, so buses generally achieve these? c) Which cities have made most (and least) progress in making the bus network an alternative to car use? Why? d) Does better bus provision get drivers out of cars or does bus attract people who would otherwise be car passengers? e) What are the changes to bus provision that make bus attractive enough to attract a proportion of car drivers – speed, comfort, personal security and so on, f) Are the existing schemes – in regard to the improvement of the bus network (Scotland) in terms of sustainability – satisfactory? It should be noted that the study focuses on the examination of the aspects of buses as sustainable means of transport especially in Scotland; the study’s mains and objectives will be addressed using the relevant literature as well as figures released by governmental and non-governmental organizations in Scotland; material will be also retrieved through relevant authorities worldwide – in order to make a comparative analysis of the measures developed in Scotland towards the increase of sustainability of buses. The views of passengers and people working in the bus network in Scotland will be also employed in order to explore all aspects of the study’s aims and objectives – as described above.
Bus is an essential means of transport in Scotland; because of its importance for the local social and financial needs but also for the environment, the Scottish government has developed a framework of rules regulating the bus operation and use across the country. An indicative example is the bus network scheme developed by the city of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Aspects of Sustainable Transport Mode. ( Buses in Scotland ) Thesis Proposal)
Aspects of Sustainable Transport Mode. ( Buses in Scotland ) Thesis Proposal.
“Aspects of Sustainable Transport Mode. ( Buses in Scotland ) Thesis Proposal”, n.d.
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