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How and when the orginal 13 colonies was founded - Essay Example

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The first of these colonies was founded in 1607, whereas the last one was founded in 1732. These colonies had not formed a union and operated independently in…
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How and when the orginal 13 colonies was founded
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How and when the orginal 13 colonies was founded

Download file to see previous pages... Massachusetts was next, founded in 1620, followed by New Hampshire, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and, finally, Georgia, which were founded in 1623, 1634, 1635, 1636, 1638, 1653, 1663, 1664, 1664, 1682 and 1732 respectively. Thus, Virginia was first of the colonies to be founded, and Georgia the last. Of course, during this time other colonies were also founded, which now are part of Canada and West Indies, however, this paper shall only talk about the original thirteen colonies established in what is now the United States. Originally, there were many different European countries from where all these immigrants came to establish these colonies, and there were many a war fought as a result of disputes of land and property, however, soon only England and France had the most presence here.
The people who originally came here in the newly founded colonies wanted to be free to practice their own religion, and wanted to be independent from their respective governments (mostly European), to form their own form of government and be free to trade as they wanted to. Originally, most of the people who came over were basically running away from religious persecution, however, later on a lot of people came to work here and to make money. Those who came here to work normally came alone, without their families and worked in shipyards and ironworks. Those who came here to make money also bought plantations, and such people brought their families with them so that they could settle here and start their lives here.
There were many laws made that reflect on the mindset of the people who came to settle here in the new colonies. The Pilgrims and the Quakers, for instance, had come from England to flee from religious persecution that they faced back in England, that is why, when they came ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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