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The qualitative research “Attachment and Self-evaluation in Chinese Adolescents: Age and Gender Difference” was conducted by Hairong Song, Ross A. Thompson and Emilio Ferrer investigated differences in ages and genders when we talk about the quality of attachment with…
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Article Review for Research Class
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Download file to see previous pages The demographic collection of data was done in the two metropolitan cities of china. The samples were different from one another in terms of age and genders of adolescents. The first sample for the method of study included 110 female students from junior high school, out of which 96, 52 and 52 were from grade one, two and three respectively. The first sample was conducted in the Guangzhou city only. The second sample included 114 females and males students from high school out of which 53 were males and 61 were females. The third sample was based upon 270 late adolescents. In this sample 170 students were male while 100 were female students. The third sample included students from the University of Zhejiang. Along with these three samples of male and female students, the researchers conducted the research with the help of a questionnaire that was designed to evaluate the relationship of students with their fathers and mothers. The questionnaire also evaluated the relationships of adolescents with peers. The questionnaire that was conducted for the research was Inventory of parent and peer attachment that was designed as a self-report (Song, Thompson, & Ferrer, 2009).
After the analysis of the qualitative research, it is visible that the design of method greatly supported the main objective of the research that was to analyze the relation between attachment and self-evaluation. The relation had been used in the study to juxtapose the age and gender differences among the adolescents. The method of analysis procedure included the closer evaluation study of age difference in terms of attachment, age differences in terms of self-evaluation, the nature of relationships in terms of the constructs, gender differences in terms of self-evaluation and attachment and most importantly test of variance and factors that loaded variance and covariance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Article Review for Research Class Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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