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Philanthropy of henry ford - Annotated Bibliography Example

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Academically his achievements have always been considered as that of a ‘giver’ or ‘charity’; as acts of selflessness. But many historians and critics have argued that this…
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Philanthropy of henry ford
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Extract of sample "Philanthropy of henry ford"

Download file to see previous pages Ford brought about many changes in the automobile industry. His vision was to provide the Americans with a car that each of them could afford. The first car built by Ford called Model T changed the way millions of people lived in United States allowing them to travel faster as well as work farther away from home. Ford’s changes to the automobile industry left a lasting mark on the United States. As a result, this vision helped create the middle class in United States marked by urbanization, rising wages, creation of national highway systems, growth of suburbia as people could travel anywhere anytime. As the population of the Model T grew, he aimed towards global expansion of his company.
Consumerism was his global vision as key to peace. He thought that international trade and cooperation can lead to international peace and he demonstrated this by using the assembly line and production of Model T. He also believed on the economic independence for United States. Soon Ford Company became the largest industrial complex that had its own vertical integration and could even produce its own steel. Henry Ford can be considered as a philanthropist because of this contribution to the people of United States and the world.
Gregory Stobbs uses the Ford and his assembly line to explain about the patents methods in business. He explains how Ford developed the assembly line and what were the economic repercussions of his invention.
For example, Russ mentions that the automobile assembly line was built keeping the division of labor in mind. Previously, skilled craftsmen manufactured a whole car from ground using tools and materials from the tool room as per their needs. Ford wanted that each worker whether skilled or un-skilled work on one part of the car and add their part when the vehicle would roll down the assembly line. Each person would be doing a repetitive job without ever having to worry about other parts of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Second, his glib of tongue he uses to empower his soldiers, to give life and courage to his downtrodden men. He does not use his eloquence to deceive nor to perpetuate lies. Rather, he uses his articulateness to restore the bravery of his soldiers, to supplicate God in his favor. All of which is a recognition that Henry V values more the camaraderie that he has with his soldiers above anything else. And this he succinctly shows even as a young King. He said to his men as they are about to fight...
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