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English (rough draft ) - Essay Example

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I saw many wide-eyed freshmen walking around the campus during the first week of the semester and there was no way I considered myself to be like…
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English (rough draft )
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Download file to see previous pages The difference then is that I was apprehensive about being away from my parents and spend hours with other kids I hardly know. In San Diego, I did not mind being away from my folks but I also could not settle easily with the idea that I would be away from my close friends at home and be in a school I never planned to be in. This is exactly the problem, the cause of tension between me and my parents. There were other things that I can write and be introspective about. However, every time I encountered troubles with classmates, friends, and even with my studies, I could not help thinking again of the problem in my relationship with my parents.
People cannot blame me if I still feel this way even if I already face the prospect of graduating soon and leaving UCSD for good. Studying in San Diego was an idea I never dared to entertain. It was my folks’ decision and although I tried explaining to them that a school within LA would be a better option, but with the sheer obstinacy characteristic of Asian parents towards their kids, they managed to send me to San Diego and finish a college degree far from my home. There was nothing I could do but comply with their wishes. It was not just because I was brought up to be fearful of parental authority. It was also because I wanted to succeed in a career too and if college education is a guarantee, I would certainly need my parents help.
I would like to think that my parents sent me to UCSD simply because they want me to have the best employment opportunities in the future. It is weird, but even in a country as free as the United States an individual still has to get the best education in order for her to have the doors of better employment opened. Otherwise, the individual can just end up with a mediocre job and a corresponding unsatisfactory pay. It goes without saying though that there are hundreds of thousands who still graduate from college every school year who end up with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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