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Shariah and sufism in islam - Essay Example

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“The Shari`ah has three parts: knowledge, action, and sincerity of motive (ikhlas); unless you fulfil the demands of all these parts, you do not obey the Shari`ah”. (Rabbani, 2005). When one follows Shariah completely and wholeheartedly, one is blessed with the happiness of…
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Shariah and sufism in islam
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Shariah and sufism in islam

Download file to see previous pages... quires one to accept the laws of Shariah wholeheartedly and a Muslim should be spiritually involved in making all possible efforts in order to follow the rules of Shariah. Shariah stands as the highest level of goodness one can achieve in this world, and to a Muslim nothing is more important than following Shariah. Shariah gives the Muslims a complete code of life, and guides the Muslims on all matters of this world and the world hereafter. Muslims seek guidance for their matters of daily life from two main sources. First, their Holy Book Quran. Second, the Sunnah of their Holy Prophet Muhammed (P. B. U. H.). The Muslims’ consideration of the Holy Quran is as follows. Every machine we purchase comes with a hand book that mentions every thing about that machine and guides the buyer on how to use the machine so that it would function safely and efficiently throughout the estimated life of that machine. The hand book gives complete information about what temperature and surroundings should the machine be used in, what is the maximum load the machine can take, what precautionary measures should be taken to ensure the machine’s safe functioning and also provides the user with guidance on the matters of repair and maintenance. Likewise, when Allah Almighty created human beings, He gave them a complete book to follow throughout their life. Allah named His Book “Quran”. He sent the Holy Quran for all human beings to seek guidance from through His Prophet Muhammed (P. B. U. H.). The Holy Quran serves as a complete guide for all human beings. It is a written form of Allah’s interaction with humans. Through the Holy Quran, Allah has conveyed his message to the human beings. Allah has mentioned in the Holy Quran how the humans are supposed to live their life. The Quran provides guidance on all matters in all walks of life. Hence, it is the guide sent for the human beings just like the hand book that comes with a machine as mentioned in the example quoted above. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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In olden times, people who were extremely knowledgeable in Islam and who would advise others to follow the teachings of Allah were known as Sufis. The five pillars of Islam are faith in Allah and His Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.), establishment of Salaat, fasting, giving charity, and making pilgrimage to Makkah.
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As such, all the people in the religion have to clean their hearts of any impurity and filth that jeopardizes their way of life (Kheirabadi, 2009). As such, people that have purified hearts will have spiritual progress, which gives them an advantage of coming close to Allah.
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The Sufis are known to have shaped the history and thought of the Islamic religion despite the fact that they have been considered few in number. This contribution has happened through immense contribution through literature. Sufis that are credited to contributed to the spread of Islam to the furthest outposts in Far East, Africa and India.
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The Muslim history is concerned with Islamic religion and its believers who are the Muslims. Muslim is an Arabic name, which refers to submission to God. The religion of Muslim has been there since the beginning of Prophet Adam and his descendants including Isaac, Hagar, Ishmael and Arabs e.g.
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The Origins of Sufi Islam
The movement started as a reaction against formalism in the system the Prophet Muhammad had established and in response to an urge to maintain a personal relationship with Allah, or God. It also represented dissatisfaction with the luxury and laxity in which the believers had fallen under the Umayyad after the establishment of the Islamic Empire.1
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In short, Sufism is a body of knowledge through which a person can learn the way towards being with the company of the Lord, cleanse one's inner self from impurities and fill it with good and pleasant characteristics. The value of God cannot be classified in every structure and quality, and therefore cannot be seen, yet it remains with the world from every structure and situation either living or dead.
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Shariah Law
The level of change in punishment is enormous and affects many of the cultural groups. This paper will discuss initial feelings about the article, troubling areas, the impact of cultural values and the impact of ethnocentricity Initially I felt very bad and extremely upset that these people would have to go through such things but at the same time I though why would you allow someone to do that to you.
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Declination of Sufism among Muslims
As the seekers of Tawhid (Unity in God) the Sufi masters aided in the spread of Islam through mystic movement with intellectualization of Sunnah which is the orthodox way of life of Islamic world (Encyclopaedia of Islam). It is believed that the Sufis either in their lifetime or after their death in their tombs possess supernatural power with metaphysical features.
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It connotes ascetism and the renunciation of material wealth in the pursuit of spiritual fulfillment. Sufism originated in Baghdad, in the middle of the eighth century C.E., with Abu Hashim of Kufa, a
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Islam or Shariah Law
The reaction of “secularizingIslam” has not always been a pretty sight. Just last year the Archbishop of Canterbury  was fiercely scrutinized by the Government and the political circle, his own Church and other religions after he supported the adoption of a few ‘shariah’ laws in the British system.
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