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Political Philosophy - What is the best form of government - Essay Example

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It would not be an understatement to say that to pinpoint a political system and announce with conviction that it is a perfect system is without bias. The issue of saying which the right one is and which is not becomes a matter of opinion which is only to be hoped for to be…
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Political Philosophy - What is the best form of government
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Political Philosophy - What is the best form of government

Download file to see previous pages... Plato’s argument against democracy is dependent on the basis of it being centered on the power of the people to decide what they deem is good for them. The problem of the lack of specialization on matters of the state poses a problem on the choosing of the best possible solution. The Greek word ‘demos’ which translates to ‘the people’ is easily attributable to the concept of ‘the mob.’ This is where the concept of the silent majority and the loud minority may come to play. The word mob by itself sends a negative connotation that can be thought of as unruly and chaotic. Plato proposes that a leader should be holistic in his education and approach to ruling the state. Foremost, he must be a philosopher as Plato thinks that this enables him to consider the importance of education for others. There are also other requirements which include knowledge in music, mathematics, military, and physical education. The analogy of a person’s health to a state directly explains why Plato does not favor democracy. The state and its health need to be attended to be by a doctor (Wolff, p. 67). A physician will be able to administer with skill and accuracy correct judgment because of his expertise. This in essence undermines the capacity of the people to articulate good views.
Mills idea of democracy is very straightforward, “to improve the citizens, and to manage their public affairs. Thus governments are to be judged by their effects on individuals, whether they improve them morally and intellectually, and by their efficiency in dealing with matters of public concern” This essentially means the need for representation and the importance of the power of the constitution becomes tantamount. People thrive when they are given independence. Everyone plays a part in the realization of sovereignty by being protective against the danger of oppression (p. 94-95).
Rousseau’s proposition is not so different from that of Plato ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hamiltons and Jefferson's political philosophy
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Democracy as the best form of government
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Political Philosophy by Rousseau
Rousseau, the prince among thinkers, thought that the collective participation of the people is necessary for creating the law of the state. He thought that to be a good citizen the person has to conduct many democratic and participatory tasks and law creation is one of them. “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains” he said (181) .
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