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Cancer is commonly used for all types of malignant tumors, which is the swelling of any tissue of the body caused by inflammation, which are studied…
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Pancreatic cancer
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"Pancreatic cancer"

Download file to see previous pages Pancreatic cancer is known to be a lethal cancer which accounts for the fourth most renowned cancer which causes death in the United States of America. It starts with lesions in the epitheliums and may later on go to become invasive enough to cause death. This research essay would further revolve around the epidemiology, etiology and pathogenesis of the pancreatic cancer.
Pancreas is a complex gland having both exocrine and endocrine functions. The organ has a very important role to play in the digestion of substances in the body but as the pancreas has a retroperitoneal location it does not show the progression of diseases in the initial stages. Thus it is very hard to detect diseases of pancreas in the initial stages. The exocrine part of the gland secretes digestive enzymes which help in digesting food particles whereas the endocrine portion secretes only a limited number of enzymes such as insulin and glucagon. The major abnormalities caused by the non-functioning of the endocrine portion of the pancreas are diabetes mellitus and neoplasms. And the major diseases caused by the exocrine portion are related to the inflammation of the pancreas itself (Catalano et al 2009).
With latest researches being carried out much has become known about many cancers but the exact cause of pancreatic cancer is yet to be found. Most of the individuals suffering from pancreatic cancer are adults who are above 60 (Gold & Goldin 1998). Many factors have been studied in relation to the pancreatic cancer and it has been found that smoking is one of the foremost external influence which can trigger the cancer (Gold & Goldin 1998). Similarly inflammation of pancreas is also known to be an important factor that may cause the cancer (Lowenfels et al 1997). However some individuals do argue that it is because of the pancreatic cancer that the inflammation of pancreas occurs. As all cancers are related to genetics, pancreatic cancer is also known to be associated with the relative ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pancreatic Cancer
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...from metastasizing by surgical removal of the gland. Diagnostic procedures for liver, lung or pancreatic cancers usually entail a measurement of enzymatic levels in the body, by biochemical assays. For example, the presence of serum based prostate specific antigen (PSA) or Kallikrein indicates the possibility of prostate cancer in men or ovarian cancer in women. Or, elevated levels of alpha-fetoprotein are typical in liver cancers due to cirrhosis. (Ullah and Aatif, 2009) Thus, biomarkers are excellent tools in the early diagnosis of various types of cancers, which help the clinician in designing the appropriate treatment protocol....
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