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Cultural customs - Research Paper Example

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From infancy, Chinese citizens are reared with having a very close connection with both parents and have a very strong personal attachment to their caregivers (Zhang, 2005). From…
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Cultural customs
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"Cultural customs"

Download file to see previous pages In their homeland, children and adolescents are geared toward achieving the goal of higher education and have lessons taught about the importance of holding onto traditional Chinese cultural values (Henslin, 2003). Lessons on thriftiness, especially in relation to finance, are reinforced during this period of the life cycle.
As adults, the Chinese stress maintaining caution in areas of business and establish plans for long-term financial success much earlier than other groups (Zhang). In their homeland, Chinese often marry with the idea that it will be a life-long bond and put a great deal of emphasis on the value of personal relationships. At senior age, it is common to still be a part of the family household and is often revered for wisdom.
The U.S. citizen is strikingly different than the Chinese and infants are often reared with much less emphasis on education, but more on securing their emotional well-being. Infants are cared for with considerable intensity and usually the child bonds with the mother over the father.
During childhood, there is much less emphasis on creating a family bond and the child is promoted to socialize outside of the family network to build skills in peer bonding and organized play (Henslin). Some of these lessons begin in early educational years and team-based concepts, outside of family values, are the most common experiences. In adolescence, children are given lessons on establishing their own sense of individuality rather than finding connection through family. They are exposed to many cultural symbols through advertising and other media formats, therefore they have access to different external role models to base their own personalities.
During adulthood, it is common to partner without taking the vow of long-term marriage and the family structure can be outside of the social norm. Lessons relating to the importance of higher ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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