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This paper discusses the attributes and attitudes that women should possess in order to succeed in the corporate world. It is important for women all over the world to step out of the confines of home and the entanglements of domestic chores into the realm of entrepreneurship, business and leadership. …
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Attributes and Attitudes of Successful Women
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"Attributes and Attitudes of Successful Women"

Successful women all over the world have removed the obstacles and possible hindrances toward the attainment of their goals and this has made them quite distinct. In order to expound on how to break barriers and the challenging life styles, Derrington and Sharratt recommend that women should have various attitudes including being women of resolve –that is nothing but determination. Accordingly, women should be able to balance their personal and professional lives. In this regard, the women with a balance can not only multitask but they are also capable of deciding what is important or essential and then learn to ignore that which is not. They also agree that attaining the superintendency, personal relationships and lifestyle will have to be at stake. Here, the ability to negotiate is very crucial. Finally, there should be the potential to cultivate support. Successful women will have to be team players – people who can use strategies to solicit the support of those near them. In this way, those others will see the need to help them with the work at home while they work elsewhere. These four attitudes are important to the would-be corporate women.
Similarly, Allen looks at ten attributes that contribute to the success of powerful women. She starts with lack of fear, which she calls fear of anything ranging from fear of failure to fear of lack of sufficient knowledge. She challenges women not to let fear thwart their efforts to rise to the top. According to her, successful women are also naturally empathic people who know how to wear the shoes of others and take time to listen to others while putting themselves in their situation even when their ego is highest. Read More
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