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Communication theory application assignment - Essay Example

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The plot of the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’: The movie ‘Good Will Hunting’ is about a boy (Will) who is a genius, however, because of his traumatic childhood, is not able to integrate his capability in positive way and is not able to develop healthy relationships in life…
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Communication theory application assignment
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"Communication theory application assignment"

Download file to see previous pages Professor Maguire succeeds in gaining Will’s trust and confidence by revealing his own weaknesses, strengths, intimate emotions and true self to him. Different relationships shown in the movie reveals different communication theories. Will’s relationship with Professor Lambeau shows the expectancy violation theory in action. Social penetration theory can be seen in the interactions between Will and professor Maguire. Interactional view theory is evident through interaction between Will and his friend Chuckie. The movie is an excellent example of how being open and honest in a relationship can help in reducing the pain of life and gain meaning in personal and social life.
The expectancy violation theory says that anything that happens according to the expectation does not attract attention (Littlejohn 135). People tend to notice mostly those behaviors or actions that violate their expectation (Littlejohn 135). The violation of the expectation arouses their interest and grabs their attention (Littlejohn 135). In the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’, expectation violation theory is evident in interaction between Will and professor Lambeau.
Professor Lambeau writes a math problem on the board outside the class and expects that no one will be able to solve it. However, Will solves the problem and in a sense, violates the expectations of professor Lambeau. This act of Will solving the mathematical theorem is taken positively by professor Lambeau as he is impressed with Will’s genius (Good Will Hunting).
Secondly, when he tries to approach Will with the idea of getting him trained and utilize his skills to solve different theorems, Will refuses to co-operate (Good Will Hunting).. This arouses the professor Lambeau and makes him to take attention of his behavior (Littlejohn 135). According to the ‘expectancy violation’ theory, the violation of expectation is not always ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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