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Man has always sought to achieve excellence in every aspect of life and consistently endeavored to elevate the standard of living. The…
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Although these discoveries have proven more than useful for developing a thorough understanding of such complicated processes, but they have failed to produce a significant breakthrough in ameliorating the maladies associated with the brain. For the only answer for all these problems, lies within the human’s brain itself. The therapy for these ailments, collectively known as mental stress, is based on verbal communication and finding possible and feasible solutions to the problem and is known as Counseling (Blonna, pp. 12-18). This technique aims to resolve an issue related to physical or mental health and avoid costly and arduous medical procedures. Counseling involves a counselor and a client. The counselor is a therapist and guides the client in exploring possible solutions to the problem at hand. The counselor must work together with client by understanding the problem and complications associated to introduce positive changes in thinking patterns of the client. The following essay highlights the importance of counselor-client relationship and the factors involved with it.
Understanding of the importance of counselor-client relationship is essential to have an idea about the significance of counseling. This assists in recognizing the need for developing a good relationship between the two parties. Although the word counseling comes in several different contexts like genetic counseling, health counseling and career counseling, the basic theme is the joint effort made by the counselor and client to bring about productive changes in the client’s life by verbal communication and to discuss the possibilities that may bring an improvement in the client’s life. The significance of counseling is evident by the fact that seeking this type of therapy may prevent treatments such as medication or surgery. This is not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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