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While there is an array of negative effects of carbon dioxide, there are also some effects that can be considered good, especially in the way of…
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Effects of carbon dioxide
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Effects of Carbon Dioxide Carbon dioxide, in its most basic form, has been prove to be harmful and, in some cases, deadly to human beings, animals and plants. While there is an array of negative effects of carbon dioxide, there are also some effects that can be considered good, especially in the way of the growth of plants. One of the more harmful effects of carbon dioxide on the environment includes its role in the greenhouse effect. A positive effect that carbon dioxide has on the environment is how it is used to help plants grow (Fowler, 2004), in turn giving humans something that helps them to live.
While the atmosphere is composed of carbon dioxide, and it is something that humans and other living things do breath in at a constant rate, too much of it in our atmosphere is a bad thing. Carbon dioxide plays a role in the formation of greenhouse gases, herein creating the greenhouse effect (Luo, 1999). The greenhouse effect, in short, involves an atmosphere containing gases that soak up and emit radiation. Carbon dioxide makes up approximately twenty-six percent of the gases needed for a greenhouse effect to take place (Weart, 2009). When the greenhouse effect takes place, so does the concept of global warming; the two processes go hand-in-hand with each other, with the greenhouse effect leading to global warming.
As aforementioned, carbon dioxide also has positive effects on the environment. The biggest one is the creation of oxygen. Plants absorb carbon dioxide, convert it to oxygen, and release it back into the environment. We, as humans, then breathe in the oxygen, and when we release the oxygen, it becomes carbon dioxide again. It becomes a never-ending cycle between plants and humans. Furthermore, carbon dioxide aids in the process of photosynthesis, feeding the plants and keeping them alive (“Carbon Dioxide”). Without carbon dioxide, there can be no photosynthesis of the plants, and therefore no food to keep them alive. Without living plants, there is nothing to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen for human beings and animals to breathe. We become dependent on each other to live. Again, it becomes a cycle that must be adhered to.
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Effects of Carbon Dioxide Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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