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The real incomes in China are on rise because of its phenomenal economic growth in past three decades. China is the only country that…
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International Business - Export Business Plan - China
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Download file to see previous pages That’s why economists and pundits expect that China’s GDP (presently 3rd largest) will easily surpass the Japan’s GDP (presently 2nd largest) in next few months or within a year.
China has not become an Asian tiger in just 10 years rather it has covered a long journey in past 30 years. In fact, the open-door policies of successive Chinese governments and their business friendly strategies not only attracted the private sector in China but also the foreign investors who shifted their assembly lines, plants, manufacturing units and factories to China to make the most of its cheap labor and infrastructure to become competitive and maximize their profit margins. In short, the business friendly policies although enabled China to now become a 2nd largest economy and ‘a place to produce goods for customers across the globe’, however, these strategies, policies and tactics have adversely affected its environment. Many industrial cities such as Beijing (capital), Shanghai, Chengdu and Guangzhou in China have seen an increase in pollution as factories dispose their waste including, paper, dye, fertilizer, chemical waste, and many other different products. Also, the increase in standard of living has increased the demand of cars, automobiles and other means of transport. Simultaneously, the demand of fossil fuels has skyrocketed in recent years, thereby heavily contributing in environmental pollution. Many different organizations especially the manufacturing businesses such as consumer goods producers, plastics, chemicals, cement, textiles, fertilizers, pharmaceutical etc. get rid of their industrial waste by dumping it in lakes, rivers, and canals, thereby contaminating the water and making it pernicious for any human-being to drink. It must not be forgotten that these rivers, lakes and canals are the main source of drinkable water for millions of Chinese residents. (Halasz, 2009)
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