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Quality Control and Quality Assurance similarities and differences - Assignment Example

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Before going into the details of quality control, quality assurance, and their differences, let’s get a better understanding of what quality actually is. Quality means to provide product satisfaction to the customers. Any organization or a company can satisfy the stakeholders…
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Quality Control and Quality Assurance similarities and differences
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"Quality Control and Quality Assurance similarities and differences"

Download file to see previous pages Quality also means to seek continuous improvement in the products and services provided by any organization. It also means finding out those specific areas which need to be changed or improved in order to make sure that the organization meets the needs and demands of the customers.
Importance of quality management in any organization or a company can never be denied. Improving and maintaining quality of products and services is a very important point of consideration for any organization to get success in a competitive market. Quality management is an ongoing process of building and sustaining relationships between the company and its customers by providing the customers with quality products. Kantner (2000) found that target of growth of business and gaining trust of customers in the competitive market can be achieved if we implement a proper quality management system in a company. Any organization or a company may encounter a big problem of loosing its precious and potential customers because of not paying enough attention towards the implementation of proper quality management system. It is a common fact that when a company or any specific business will not have proper implementation of any quality management system, it will surely make a worse impact not only on the growth and development of the company but also on retention of the customers of the company. If a company wants to achieve market domination, the management of that company needs to provide its customers with quality in the products that it delivers. Chung (1999) found that quality, in any business or company, can only be attained when the workers of that specific company will be motivated to improve the standard of the products.
If we talk about quality control, we can say that quality control is a process which is employed in order to ensure a required level of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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