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Short story about a family who is attacked by a ruthless loan shark after defulting on their loan - Essay Example

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He was the postman of the area for last twenty-six years and more than that time span the recipient of the letter and her family was residing at the Kemp Town near the beach. This is a story of Wells family and…
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Short story about a family who is attacked by a ruthless loan shark after defulting on their loan
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"Short story about a family who is attacked by a ruthless loan shark after defulting on their loan"

Download file to see previous pages She recently had to take this job for some definite reason. Jonathon and Lisa had two sons and a little daughter. The first son, Jack studies in the seventh standard, the younger one in the fifth and was named after his grandpa Edward. Their only daughter, as white as lily and sweet as a pie was named Alice. She was only three years old.
It was always hard for Lisa to carry Alice to the workplace but she had to. As at that point of time it was never possible for her to arrange a baby sitter for young Alice. Brighton is a tourist place in England and Kemp is most famous for its summer beaches. Every year almost eight million tourist visits Brighton and Jonathon was a manager of an inn so his job was secured and the family was happy enough till the time Jonathon didn’t fall prey into the hands of the money-lenders. Lisa always wanted their sons to receive good education but unfortunately this dream fell very short to Jonathon’s exquisite dream of buying a heritage car. Jonathon’s father was a rich businessman and he renovated the large beach house. This house was gifted by the Royal Family to Jonathon’s great grandfather Henry for saving the drowning prince when the Royal Family once visited Kemp Town Beach. Though there was always a separate Monarch’s Way situated at the west along the seafront above the beach, still it remains a mystery that amidst so many attendants and servants what Henry was actually doing there.
It is said that Henry actually received this house as an ancestral property by marrying Maria, who was a daughter of a rich fisherman and as a wedding gift, Henry was awarded this house. But some where there was a bit problem in the constitution of thoughts or a habit that was carried forward to the forth coming generation is a point of debate and lets not beat around the bushes. The point of contention from this incident is clearer than the blue water of the sea which was visible from the bedroom of the beach house. The family was a bit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Short Story about a Family Who Is Attacked by a Ruthless Loan Shark Essay.
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