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Current event analysis - Essay Example

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Robin William’s article titled Advocates Warn of Florida Budget Cuts In Mental Health, Substance Abuse Programs (2010) details the how Florida’ rising deficit may lead to budget cuts in government funded mental health treatment programs. Earlier in the year new research was…
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Current event analysis
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"Current event analysis"

Download file to see previous pages ates that the state of Florida announced they are facing a $3 billion dollar deficit and as a result the mental health programs could be cut by as much as thirty to fifty percent by the Florida House and the Florida Senate. Jacque Henderson, director of Tri-County Human Services residential programs in Lakeland spoke about the potential cuts and said that almost every significant advance in the last thirty-years, including drug court, mental health court, and miscellaneous treatment services, are all at risk of being cut. The current House plan is to cut over $172 million, while the Senate has a proposal for $205 million in cuts. Expressing similar sentiments to Jacque Henderson, Partners in Crisis was also highly concerned about the potential of losing drug court and mental health court programs. The article states that the Peace River staff has already taken 5% pay cuts, and only through a large private donation were they able to remain a viable institution.
While the article does mention research that states recent statistical analysis states that the programs that might be cut have demonstrated significant preventative value, it doesn’t elucidate on these findings. While mental health programs should be of the utmost concern and valued as highly as other medical programs, one would hope to see some fiscal responsibility and proof of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Current Event Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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