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Project Team Performance - Essay Example

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Jong & Hartog (2007) outlined that in business projects motivation can encourage, inspire, as well as stimulate people to attain common objectives via teamwork. Additionally, in a project it is the project managers best attention to drive toward project accomplishment in the…
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Project Team Performance
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"Project Team Performance"

Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, organizing the project team is one of the most important elements of project management. This engages not merely administering internal employees however as well managing some customer personnel and subcontractors allocated to the project team (Jong & Hartog, 2007). Crawford & Price (2000) state that flourishing business is based on the rapidly responding as well as adapting transformations in their business situation. In addition, the organizations are forced by the market to manage through projects. At the similar time, there is growing stress upon quality (Crawford & Price, 1996). In the continuously changing and transforming business setting, an organization should be able to get best performance from the project teams. The main reason to stress this area is the importance of the project teams in all areas of the business and corporate structures. Thorough the continuous project team enhancement corporations could be able to make the overall project and business successful. This paper presents the literature review of project team performance. This paper will explore different researches about the team performance.
Kim & Burton (2001) outlined that an organization is viewed as a an information processing system that is developed and structured to attain a definite set of business jobs as well as encompassing information processors like that sub-teams and individuals. However, the contingency theory states that the most excellent means to systematize a business or organization is dependent upon the diversity and uncertainty of the fundamental task being carried out through the organizational unit. Implementing the contingency theory to a corporate project team, one would suppose that, by means of low level of job uncertainty. A centralized project team would execute better for the reason that it is able to formulate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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