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Resource Management as the Efficient and Effective Deployment of Organization Resources - Coursework Example

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It is evidently clear from the discussion that the integrated project management enables the assigning of resources to make sure that there is no creation of bottlenecks or inadvertent risks by setting up too many things going live on certain dates. …
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Resource Management as the Efficient and Effective Deployment of Organization Resources
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Extract of sample "Resource Management as the Efficient and Effective Deployment of Organization Resources"

Download file to see previous pages The project management system enables users to easily see that resources are applied to the right tasks at the right time. It assists managers to make sure that they have allocated ample time to the employees for the success of the project (R.Drew 2009).
Project management system enables assigning of tasks which can be declined or accepted by the managers depending on whether they have the time and resources to perform the tasks. This, in turn, provides teamwork since one is not assigned tasks they cannot or do not what to perform. It also ensures that there is no overlap in resource assignment (R.Drew 2009).
A project sponsor is a link between the project team and the organization executive team. They own the project and have the ultimate responsibility for seeing that the intended benefits are realized to create the value of forecast in the business case (L. Bourne 2012).
An escalation process ensures that the next level of management is informed periodically if an issue cannot be resolved by the project manager. Examples of some of the issues that are usually escalated are resource conflicts; this is where during projects people are pulled out to go and assist resolve problems in their day to day work areas threatening the projects ability to meet its schedule. Another example is when the project team realizes that late in the project, there are issues with the project’s main deliverables and the team believes that the issue cannot be corrected within the original time (efor_blog 2009).
The escalation process should be defined at the beginning of the project by setting expectations as to how certain issues will be raised to the project sponsor during the project to avoid conflict between the project team and the project sponsor. The project team should keep track of the issues, regularly reviewing them and determining their significance, so that teams see which should be escalated. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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