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The handmaid's tale (the play) - Book Report/Review Example

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The story is set in the Republic of Gilead and is the story of the widespread issue of infertility and the onset of AIDS in California. The character is one who has been kept for the…
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The handmaids tale (the play)
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Download file to see previous pages It entails how she needs to sacrifice her desires and want to be pure for the Commander Fred (elite for whom she needs to bare the child). There is a sense of despair in the story and the main theme is the sacrifices that the young ladies need to make to be able to bare children for elite women who are infertile. The book has a disjoint and unfinished ending of how Offred is taken away in the Eye van. The overall theme of the story is how young women were made to give up their families and children to act as surrogate mothers for the elite and how these ladies have needed to give up on all desires, and wants of a normal life. The only happiness that they are permitted is the joy of shopping with other handmaids. The story is an open crude truth of what the handmaids go through each day of their lives and how much they give up for unknown people for the fear of being ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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