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A Brief Look at the False Idea of the English Language as Perfect and Unchanging - Assignment Example

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This essay explores the brief look at the false idea of the English language as perfect and unchanging. The researcher states that English is a universal language and is spoken nearly everywhere. Majorly all communication, be it in the form of text or words takes place in English…
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A Brief Look at the False Idea of the English Language as Perfect and Unchanging
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"A Brief Look at the False Idea of the English Language as Perfect and Unchanging"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that man traveled the world and explored unvisited areas. Due to the lost connection with his ancestors, he invented a new language unknown to his ancestors to communicate with his partners. This way, different languages emerged in different areas all over the world. But every time a language was created in some area, the creators were influenced by nature and culture prevailing in that area. Different areas of the world are blessed by nature with different natural resources, weathers, and cultures. Other than fundamental human needs like air, water, food, and shelter, human needs vary from place to place. They are influenced by the social norms and trends prevailing in a particular area. These social trends and cultures vary not only from place to place but also from time to time. Every new era brings new inventions, trends, and cultures along with it. Old things keep being modified and new things keep being developed with the spread of knowledge and literature. Likewise, languages vary not only in different parts of the world but also different generations of a race. There are a lot of new-age inventions that young children are fully aware of and are completely unknown to their ancestors. Increase in development of industries and factories has opened employment opportunities for everybody which has led to urbanization. In the modern world, people need to be constantly inter-connected to keep up with the rapid changes in the dynamic mood of the modern world. Frequent communication among individuals is necessary in order to facilitate one another. That is why it is hard to imagine an individual not possessing a mobile in the today’s world. To facilitate frequent communication, new accents supporting quicker delivery of words have emerged. In addition to that, words have been modified/shortened in a way that would facilitate quick delivery and text writing. Various substitutes are universally known nowadays for words used in everyday language. Mobiles have made it very cheap and easy to communicate through text messages. In order to save time, slangs are used for words to cut-short the writing time. English is a universal language and is spoken nearly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Brief Look at the False Idea of the English Language As Perfect and Assignment.
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