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Adoptive Children, it's in Their Genes - Essay Example

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Some people rationalize that personality traits are learned as a consequence of interaction with people close to us like our parents, sibling ,a nd even friends…
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Adoptive Children, its in Their Genes
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"Adoptive Children, it's in Their Genes"

Download file to see previous pages The abstract suggests that certain personality traits can either be learned or simply inherited. The article presents the case of Jenae Neiderhise whose biological traits resemble that of her adoptive parents. However, her difference with them is marked by her educational achievement as she finished her doctoral degree. She is currently a psychology professor. On the contrary, the adoptive family had family members who weren’t able to finish college. Jenae tried to research about her biological family and later learned that some of her relatives were also highly-educated. As a consequence, she took interest in researching about genetics, particularly that of adoptive families.
In fact, she is not just an ordinary researcher. Her findings were even funded by the National Institutes of Health, an institution that studies families and open adoption. The early findings of her research were presented in earlier issues of the journal. Nevertheless, the article presents the following interesting revelations that Neiderhise stumbled upon her research:
Other important findings such as impact of inheritance on religiousness, environmental impact, aggression, academic achievement and ability to bond were included in the article. In conclusion, the article illustrated that genetics still play a role in most traits although it does not fully answer the question: nurture or nature? Rather, the article asserts that interaction of environment with good genetic factors is the real thing. It argues that:  "The way you parent has an impact on your child, but part of the way you parent is determined by your child," says Neiderhiser. "Its not your fault if things go wrong, nor do you get all the credit if things go ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Adoptive Children, it'S in Their Genes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Adoptive Children, it'S in Their Genes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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