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Evaluating the impact of CSR on consumer buying behaviour, An empirical study from the UK consumer, and company perspective - Essay Example

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According to Friedman (1970), companies are not popularly known to have social roles, since their main obligation is to make sure that they are able to satisfy the interests of their stakeholders. They are not thought to also be obligated to take part in social issues because…
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Evaluating the impact of CSR on consumer buying behaviour, An empirical study from the UK consumer, and company perspective
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"Evaluating the impact of CSR on consumer buying behaviour, An empirical study from the UK consumer, and company perspective"

Download file to see previous pages any develops and the more that it increases in size, the more does it become visible to the public’s consciousness and the more that it is expected to be responsible for its business processes and the impact of such processes on society (Daub & Ergenzinger, 2006).
Corporate social responsibility is something that is focused on doing not only what is right but what is fair, while at the same time, avoiding causing harm. It can therefore be perceived as a manner with which a company regulated its activities (Moir, 2001). Corporate sustainability on the other hand, refers to the sustainable development and the ability of a company to generate performance for the long-term, in order to make sure that the company survives amidst its competition (Munilla & Miles, 2005). However, in order to make sure that corporate sustainability is possible, it is important that the company makes sure that they meet the needs and expectations of their stakeholders, while they also seek to protect, support and enhance the resources acquired from human labour and the natural resources that are needed by the entire community in future years (Strategic Direction, 2008).
According to Van der Putten (2005), the stakeholder theory is one that has brought about the importance of corporate social responsibility or CSR among business organizations. Based in this theory, companies do not only have a responsibility towards the society within which they hold their operations, but also their shareholders, their employees, their consumers, their suppliers and their local communities (Vogel, 2005). In this context, it is the responsibility of any company to make sure that they are able to give something back to the entire community and the environment, both of which have helped them to become successful, or continues to contribute to their success (Bronn & Vrioni, 2001).
The implementation and the continuation of corporate social responsibility among business organizations actually ‘constitutes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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