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Current management issues in the real world - Essay Example

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However, the issue of human resources is one of the most critical one for any management to cater to in an effective manner. Human resources…
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Current management issues in the real world
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"Current management issues in the real world"

Download file to see previous pages The author made an initial assessment of the underlying concept that was emphasized upon in the article and then looked into other information available on the same matter (Pfeffer, 2010, p.26). This included an understanding of human capital and what it means to organizations, as well as examples of where layoffs have been used to strengthen the financial position of a company but have had negative effects in the long-term. The author reflected on the subject expressed in the article, by using material from other sources of literature, including online articles that have been published on various blogs and e-magazines. This helped the author gain a strong foundation on the subject matter and allow for the expression of views that affect the managerial issue of layoffs.
The issue of layoffs is one that evokes public debate in depth. It is normally seen as the ideal way for making an organization cost-effective and tends to be the first step taking by enterprises when faced with tough financial situations (Baker, 2009). Even the recent downturn in the global markets saw financial service providers along with several other institutions take the step of downsizing the workforce in order to retain their profitability. However, it is not easy for management to make this decision as the chances of any downturn remaining for long remain slim; so when the situation returns to normal, recruitment drives will have to be resumed which in turn could cost the organization a lot more than current outgoings.
A recent debate that has arisen discusses whether the decision to lay off employees is ideal for any organization, even when the economy appears to be in standstill or downturn (Pfeffer, 2010, p.24). Companies in the United States over the last few decades have shown a tendency to shed jobs; something quite evident from the auto industry. For most managers, the action of retrenchment appears unavoidable, as there is a general consensus in the cost of employees being the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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