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Within the context of 1881-1991, how far was the Cuban missile crisis the low point in relations between the USSR and the West - Essay Example

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The only primary source that has been used is a document authored by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The source outlines the possible state of preparedness of Cuba and the Soviet Union in launching…
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Within the context of 1881-1991, how far was the Cuban missile crisis the low point in relations between the USSR and the West
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Extract of sample "Within the context of 1881-1991, how far was the Cuban missile crisis the low point in relations between the USSR and the West"

Download file to see previous pages Graham’s Essence of decision: Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis explains in great detail the situation of both the United States and Cuba during the crisis and presents the decisions that the authorities and military leaders of the two states had to make. Gaddis’ The Cold War: A New History discusses about the cold war in depth and analyse the relationship that existed between the US and the Soviet Union over several years. Andrew Kydd on the other hand analyzes the relationship that existed between different countries of the world; especially the major powers.
Years of Russia, the USSR and Collapse of the Soviet Communism traces the history of the USSR and its ultimate collapse as a world super power. The book follows the relationship that the USSR and Russia had with the United States, Cuba and other countries. Many of the books that have been used present similar facts or points of view. Although sources authored by the CIA, Cimbala Fenno and Parrot were referred to and were quite useful in getting insights into the state of affaires at during the Cuban missile crisis, they have not been directly referred to in the body of the paper.
Several reputable websites have also been used in the study. All of the online sources referred to are published by reputable organizations or persons. Ibiblio, for example traces the events that led to the missile crisis while Nuclear Files shows the timeline of the events of the time. The US State Department on the other hand shows the Act that was enacted in the country in view of the Cuban crisis and the relations that the country had with Russia and the USSR.
In general, all the sources that have been used are reputable and reliable although some may be considered to be outdated. Many of the sources agree on different topics although they are written and published in the United ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Within the Context of 1881-1991, How Far Was the Cuban Missile Crisis Essay.
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