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Self-employment is one of my goals after graduation from Coventry University; therefore, I will direct my future experiences towards opening a store to sell and repair computer hardware and software. I have good experience in the field of electronics and programming, and working…
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Download file to see previous pages While I have nearly six years expertise in the fields of electronics, programming, and the maintenance of computer devices, I need to learn more information through study at Coventry University. Already I have worked 2 years in the field of electronics equipment repair at an established computer company; this has motivated me towards continuing this path and developing it as a hobby and talent.
In my final year of study at Coventry University, I have decided to choose a final year project that will benefit my future business. The project I have chosen includes programming and computer hardware -- the project is a Robot vehicle which is wirelessly controlled by a pc keyboard.
The final year project will contribute to experiences that I need to start my own business. I have the ability to control the robot vehicle, and can move it in all directions; in dealing with most electronics devices, measurements, equipments and electrical machines, this experience will qualify me to solve most of the hardware and software problems -- I will be able to easily and efficiently find sound solutions. In addition, I will attain more experience with the created lot of programs and robot models, specifically how to use them to serve the technology field.
There are many companies and organizations that require technical knolwedge. Because of their business objectives these corporations are ready to provide material and moral support if the student can provide them expertise, skills, and talent. The student can enable access to these organizations by developing a vision for the future that will guide commercial projects.
Im qualified to deal with many electronics problems, as well as micro-electronic devices and possess the ability to create software program codes to control those devices. I also have good experience in electronic crisis management through my years of study and laboratory field work.
There is a force pushing me to continue my ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Modivication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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