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Foundation Statements: A documented in parts - Essay Example

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Delivering the knowledge and information by excluding the biased responses and opinions of the critiques because when equal standard of information is not given to a young child, he or she wont be able to understand logic clearly
b) The point equal education should be valid…
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Foundation Statements: A documented essay in parts
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"Foundation Statements: A documented in parts"

Download file to see previous pages c) There are various kinds of topics that are being taught and studied in every university. The cultures allow them to have insight into the understanding which the student needs but there are many cultures that restrict the educational system from doing so.
The most valued knowledge in our society is the culturally owned values and every human being is totally dedicated to his or her own values and customs first. People judge others on the way they get dressed and the way they carry themselves, but the main way to judge anybody is knowing how knowledgeable that person is and what kind of knowledge he has gained. The way a person talks shows how well educated he is and one is impressed by the wisdom he possesses.
The least valued kind of knowledge in our society is intervention of other cultures and the activities followed by people of those cultures. An individual when notices something wrong going on against the cultural values, he or she gets infuriated and wants to stop it right there. That is because what he has learnt from his or her educational institute, that does not comply with what he has learnt.
There are many historical and philosophical reasons for this and those can be explained as follows: our history has very strong roots from the beginning and this has been followed since that time. The people belonging to this country are very attached to their values and customs, whether they had learnt them from their families or their educational systems, they want them to retain as long as they can. Philosophers of many ages give the reason for this belongingness that people are used to what they see in their families and surroundings from the time when they start understanding things. People do not want to change their family customs especially for the reason that they had been established since many ages. Although much of the customs are built from what they learn form the outside ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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